Experts are usually called on for their advice and perspective on important news topics. Here is a small of our media mentions:


CTV News: Porn Site Hijacks BC Town Name for Website Domain - Importance of Renewing Domain Registration (Jan 2016)


CTV News: Mans Computer Files held Hostage by Increasingly Common Ransonware Virus (Aug 2015)

CTV News: Russian Hackers stole 1.2B passwords (Aug 2014)


CTV News: How to protect your personal information (Aug 2014)


CBC News: A B.C. security expert says alphanumeric passwords and PINs should eventually be replaced with images (Jun 2010)


Site Pro News: WhatsApp with the $16B Acquisition, Facebook? (Mar 2014)


CTV News: Theatre Patrons Warned about Online Ticket Shopping (Mar 2011)


CBC News: 130 BC Lottery Web Acconts Compromized (Apr 2010)


IT World Canada: What (Aug 2009)


SC Magazine: Olympic Champion Phelps' Website Defaced in Turkish Hack (Oct 2008)


BC Business Magazine: Do Employees have their Hands in Your Pockets? (Aug 2007)