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The future is here.

Hilton is going mobile. This is a big deal. 80 countries, 4 000 properties, 650 000 rooms, and you will be able to book online, customize your room and unlock the door. This is a $500 million project. It points to the fact that the penetration of mobile devices is such that they expect guests have a smart phone. Hilton is also, with this move, trying to remove any middleman in the booking business. Hilton will have direct access to you, will know your preferences down from the type of music you enjoy to the level of light in your room, everything.

Summer reading

It is a summer time, it is hot and everybody is tired of walking. In the spirit of enlightenment, here is an invention which will free your feet from walking around town – SoloWheel ( http://www.solowheel.eu )

Trending this week…

This week brought us some interesting, note-worthy articles and news:

  • Next frontiers for security are wearable devices. For a few dollars you can build a snooping device and extract the collected information, as well as, connect to the application and retrieve your personal data. Remember this whenever you attach anything to your body.
  • … and the same goes for the Smart Home Kit. Don’t be surprised when your neighbour turns your lights and music down after 10:00 pm.
  • New Internet law in Russia is in place. Among various rules, if you are a blogger with more than 3,000 readers, you have to register with the government. How the Russian government intends to enforce it, remains a mystery.
  • Sprint and Google have made a deal. Sprint will become the helpdesk for Google Apps. How this is helping Sprint is unclear.
  • Tesla is partnering with Panasonic to build a new factory for $5 billion. That’s where the future is. All the cars, solar panels, wind turbines will need lots of batteries.
  • NSA owns patents, for example for a Super-Shredder. What’s not clear is what the NSA is going to do about patent infringements. Make you disappear?
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