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The future is here.

Readers of this newsletter are accustomed to and perhaps even tired of reading about topics regarding computer hacking. Even the ‘How to harvest 1. 2 billion private information’ description from previous issue was too challenging and some readers complained. Let’s switch the proverbial gears and see what anybody can do simply with their smart phone.

This is another article in the ‘How to…’ series. This week we will show how to get through any door in 6 easy steps.

  1. Pull out your smart phone
  2. Go to either KeyMe or KeysDuplicated website
  3. Take a picture of any key
  4. Upload the information to the website of your choice
  5. Receive the key in the mail
  6. Open the lock

Detailed explanation can be found here –> http://g3t.ca/IQ1L2N

You can upgrade to a higher degree of sophistication thanks to 3D printers

  1. Take a picture of a lock
  2. Print a bump key
  3. Open the lock

Detailed explanation with a video can be found here –> http://g3t.ca/VOzvcw

The previous examples illustrate two things: First, you can learn a lot on the Internet. Second, security has to be built into every system that you are creating.

Trending this week…

This week brought us some interesting, note-worthy articles and news:

  • For the robots by the robots. Researchers are building robots to crawl the Internet and collect information, which in-turn will be available for other robots connected to the network. It is unclear as to who is going to be in charge of the Robo Brain. Researchers or robots?
  • The Chinese Academy of Engineering is launching a new operating system for desktops. It is based on Ubuntu, the free OS. Their previous efforts to develop a new operating system didn’t work. They found that it is easier to download free software then to try to hack and create illegal version of Windows 8.
  • Customers of Time Warner Cable were without the Internet for about 2 hours last week. More then 10 million people in 29 states were in an internet-less abyss. The reason? Routine network maintenance. Oops.
  • Check out even more trending topics here –> http://g3t.ca/op181t