There were two news stories from IBM in regards to Watson last week. The first one was about a partnership between IBM and Twitter. The news release is full of great promises – Analytics Services on Cloud, which should deliver cognitive services in the palm of your hand; predictive analytics; visualization. Between Twitter and Watson, you’ll be able to keep the pulse on the planet.

Unleashing Watson’s mind on the endless stream of Tweets, reminds me of a quote from Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy by Marvin, the robot: ‘It gives me a headache just trying to think down to your level.’

The second news story is about a partnership between IBM and Repsol – Spain’s largest company. Both companies will collaborate on applications to find future caches of oil.

IBM is pouring resources into these projects and aiming to generate $10 billion in revenue in 10 years. IBM wants to expand the offering to medicine, banking, consumer products, and transportation. Should IBM succeed, we all will benefit.

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This week brought us some interesting, note-worthy articles and news:

  • HP releases new system called Sprout. It combines a scanner, depth sensor, camera, projector, and desktop computer to give you a ‘Blended Reality’ system. The target market is creative people who want to experiment with 3D –>
  • What services should be kept public and which ones should be privatized? This thought piece examines, using Uber as an example, the role of public commons. –>
  • There were two unfortunate accidents in the space program, which happened last week. This highly critical article ‘Who blew the rocket?’ puts the blame at the US Congress and Senate. —>
  • We know how to capture sun and wind energy. However, we have difficulties when it comes to storing it. Scientists found cheaper way without using platinum. –>
  • BEA Systems created new virtual reality system, which allows engineers, that are building navy ships, to build virtual version of any part of the ship, walk around them, and examine all the design details before anything is built. –>
  • Police departments from Europe and North America have joined their efforts to shut down 400 pages on the ‘Dark Net’. Dark Net is a term for the portion of the Internet, which can be accessed by special browser – Tor. Originally built by US intelligence agency for anonymous communication, it is also used by anybody involved in illicit business. These sites were facilitating the sale of drugs and weapons. –>
  • The movie industry has always been upset with Google, when it displayed links to pirated content ahead of legal sites. Joining the chorus are the stars from porn movies. They argue that they should receive the same support as the mainstream studios. –>
  • Do you remember when Home Depot was hacked and names and credit card numbers were stolen? It has been revealed that it also lost 53 million email addresses. Next time you receive email from Home Depot, don’t click on any link there. The chances are, it is a pfishing scam. –>
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