Facebook is now ready to dominate the online world of business with the latest announcement from its F8 conference. The company made it very clear that having 1.35 billion active users and allowing them to share bad selfies and cat videos is not their end game. I’m shocked. Really. True, Facebook is making some good money from advertising but hey – that’s just for the cash flow. Their strategy is to dominate businesses within the social networking site as well as all of its users. Don’t worry, Mark Zuckerberg said he’d be gentle.

Let me remind you of some things from a not-so-distant past:

First, Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19 billion. It comes with 450 million users.

Second, Facebook applied for a banking license in Ireland. That was in April of 2014.

Third, Facebook was caught testing how they could manipulate your emotions successfully. That was in July 2014.

These seemingly unrelated events start coming together and paint a bold new picture that shows Facebook wants to dominate all of the online business.


Facebook very much understands its users, their personal life, their desires. It knows how to influence them in any shape and form. It allows them to transfer money with ease using the Facebook Messenger chat application. It opened up the Messenger platform for developers to create new applications where customers would be able to purchase merchandise straight from Messenger. And of course, this will work on any mobile device.

Every vendor will race to get on this platform as quickly as possible to gain access to Facebook’s 1.35 billion users. Neither Google, nor Amazon can provide all of the rich consumer data points to the vendors. Imagine that you are vendor and ask to serve an ad to a male, feeling lonely, who has $100 ready to spend. Facebook will hook them up with the perfect customer in no time.

It should also be mentioned that Facebook is trying to convince newspaper publishers to use Facebook as a distribution platform for their content. One ring, or messenger will rule them all.

Welcome to the brave new world of Facebook, one that knows exactly what you want all the time and has someone that can give it to you.

Trending this week …

This week brought us some interesting, note-worthy articles and news:

  • Uber has now more cars in New York city than there are yellow taxis – http://g3t.ca/yAO6xx
  • Another Uber news – Uber opened its platform to developers. You will be able to hail a car from other applications now. Do you want to buy a movie ticket and order a driver to take you there? – http://g3t.ca/jAzBe3
  • Speaking of developers, it reminds me of the good old days when the word ‘developers’ was a chant – http://g3t.ca/XCZCQh
  • IBM made a deal with Twitter. IBM will provide an analysis of 1 million tweets and correlate with other data (like weather) for $2,000. The result? People are depressed when it rains for long period of time – http://g3t.ca/urBuPS
  • Here is an example of augmented reality from Magic Leap company. Watch the video, really cool – http://g3t.ca/MaOVU7
  • Did you ever wanted to listen to Internet radio just to realize that there is no connectivity? AIVVY things that knows how to solve that problem – http://g3t.ca/Kc8rQS
  • Did you ever downloaded mobile application? Of course you did. You will be sadly surprised how little goes into the security testing of these apps – http://g3t.ca/6L5zxd
  • The Bloodhound project (the fastest car on Earth) hit another milestone. The Rolls-Royce EJ200 had been installed. Amazing engineering – http://g3t.ca/3T6seW
  • AirBnB, the Uber of accommodation, won a contract with the Brazil Olympics to provide 20,000 rooms. It is a new world out there – http://g3t.ca/KXAYFU
  • Is Google happy? Not sure after the latest announcement from Samsung. Samsung partnered with Microsoft and will be pre-installing MS Office on Android tablets – http://g3t.ca/lgp2s1
  • To all the computer hackers, this is very theoretical hack, but it was demonstrated how you can steal data from another computer through fan and heat sensors – http://g3t.ca/PhokjK
  • Yahoo is keep losing, this time to Twitter in the ad display revenue – http://g3t.ca/i5Lkk3
  • Check out even more trending topics here –> http://g3t.ca/vWYzDg

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