Forbes magazine reporter Nigel Davies was recently asking around about Five Future Workplace Predictions That Are Hopefully More Accurate Than Steve Ballmer’s. I’m pleased to say that some of my own thoughts are included here! Enjoy:

The gig economy will get giggier

Vaclav Vincalek, CEO of PCIS, which helps enterprise businesses to innovate, predicts that automation will see businesses swallow up more and more jobs while remaining profitable. But Vincalek doesn’t think this will result in mass unemployment.

He says: “We’re probably going to see more entrepreneurs than we’ve ever seen, running small businesses for niche specialties. Humans are amazing at creating entirely new sectors. We create needs and wants that we didn’t even know we had, if only to keep ourselves entertained and well-fed. Without giant companies to employ them, people will find new ways to find meaning and money in their own lives.”

I don’t consider myself to be a full-time futurist. That said I do have a pretty good track record of predicting how changes in technology will affect business and society. Since this is top of mind, here are a few examples.

Here’s me, years ago:

Thanks again to Nigel Davies for the write-up in Forbes! And if there are any other reporters out there looking for a futurist who can talk about technology and business… well, apparently, I’m that guy.

Vaclav Vincalek is the Founder and CEO of PCIS.