Is it ever a nice time to talk about bad people hacking our democracy? I don’t really know. That said, it was a real pleasure to take an interview one again with one of CTV’s most insightful reporters, Penny Daflos. This is a critical issue for democracies here and abroad.

Here’s some of what I had to say in this report, ‘It’ll be something new’: Canadian election interference likely in unexpected places:

We always are ready to fight the last war, not the new one, and I think the techniques which are coming out, the social media platforms might not be aware yet that they’re get hit,” he said.

Vincalek also pointed out that social media companies now make it much easier to find niche groups to influence, rather than large-scale or “viral” stories.

“It might happen on a more targeted level, which is not the flat carpet-bombing that they spam everybody —they might go only after certain people so that might be the difference and that might be difficult to identify,” said Vincalek.

Are you a reporter looking to chat more about this topic? Or a cyber security expert wanting to compare notes? Please feel free to reach out.

Vaclav Vincalek is the Founder & CEO of PCIS.