Software & Licensing

Get the software you need for the budget you want

Software licenses can cost up to a 33% of a company’s overall IT budget — if you’re not doing it right!

What’s the problem? Well, contracts are complicated. That goes double for software license agreements.

Unfortunately, it’s not a problem your legal department can solve the problem on their own. They need to look to the experts who understand what value the technology provides for your business.

What does your software actually add to your business now? What do you need it to do for you in the longer term?

You need advice from experts with technical know-how and business savvy, who have helped clients work through software licenses for decades.

PCIS’ proven process for ensuring our clients get value out of their software license

Here’s what we do for your enterprise, startup or growing firm:

  • Present a plan that considers your business growth plans, budget and IT goals
  • Ensure you maintain software compliance and update you on changes
  • Provide you with a software asset management plan tracking asset lifecycle.

We make sure your financing and renewal process makes sense for your business, now and into the future!

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PCIS is a team of strategic business and IT consulting experts. We’re trusted technology advisers who’ve established long-term relationships built on trust, dependability, and know-how.