IT Strategy & Planning

IT strategy that helps your enterprise grow, adapt and evolve

You’re a tech company, or you’re a company using tech to get an edge on the competition. Either way, you need a strategy to develop and link up all of your IT systems.

The challenge for many companies? The CTO or technical founder doesn’t have experience with strategy.

They know how to code. Maybe they’ve managed a small team in the past. They’ve got a hunch about which leading technologies might be good to deploy. But they have trouble connecting technology solutions to the actual business goals.

That CTO is under pressure to deliver a plan that will get business results. Well, that’s what we do for you!

How PCIS develops IT strategic plans that align with your company’s objectives

  • Prioritize your technology initiatives and IT investment activities to align with your business strategy
  • Develop a roadmap to deliver the expected results
  • Mentor and train your IT staff to maintain and support your evolving IT infrastructure
  • PCIS will present you with plans that fit your budget, resources and timelines.

Already have an IT strategy, but your CEO won’t give you the green light?

We see this happen a lot. A CTO knows exactly what technology the company needs to move forward. But they’re frustrated that the rest of the team won’t play ball. Confusion leads to hesitation.

The IT team is left to manage existing tech rather than working on the next big thing to move the company forward.

That’s because we’re not just technology experts. We’re business experts. We’ll help your bridge the gap between IT and the rest of the company.

How PCIS helps you implement your IT strategy

  • Provide a comprehensive assessment of your plan to validate it
  • Collaborative adjustments to the IT strategy where gaps are discovered
  • Provide guidance for implementation

Learn more about our Strategic IT Planning process and approach. Talk to us about your IT strategy and planning needs. Contact PCIS

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