Strategic IT Planning

Strategic IT Planning to Achieve Your Business Goals

Technology should deliver value to your organization and support business goals and needs. A solid IT strategic plan should articulate how technology will align with the company’s vision, goals and priorities as well as achieve its short or long-term objectives.

With technology playing an integral role in today’s business strategy, CTO’s or Technology Directors face pressure in delivering and implementing a plan that will accomplish expected results.

Through consultation and advising, PCIS can help you:

  • Prioritize your technology initiatives and IT investment activities to align with your business strategy
  • Develop a roadmap to deliver the expected results
  • Prepare your IT staff with the knowledge to maintain and support your company’s evolving technology environment
  • Explore your options and present you with plans that fit your budget, resources and timelines
  • Validate your strategy by providing a comprehensive assessment of your plan
  • Turn your vision into reality by providing guidance through to implementation

Learn more about our Strategic IT Planning process and approach.

Did you know? 47% of CIOs and business executives say IT is a reactive problem solver in their companies while 28% say IT has input into business strategy.


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