Web Portals & eCommerce

Web portals let you manage visitors’ access to your online platform and customize their online experience.

Web portals for governments, school districts, eCommerce companies and more

Governments, schools, large financial firms, enterprise-sized corporations with 10,000 employees, etc. And of course, web portals are natural eCommerce platforms, helping companies of any size to sell to the world.

These organizations need to share a ton of content and functionality, from forums to FAQs, custom apps and more. Different audiences may need to log in to gain access to different sections.

As it happens, we’ve been building web portals almost as long as there has been a web. We use best-in-class technologies like WebSphere Portal, WebSphere Server and IBM Worklight.

“Why not just build a website instead of a web portal?”

Large governmental and enterprise organizations need bank-level security, customized user experiences, reliable apps, forums for collaboration, etc.

A web portal let’s them do all of that. At the same time, it seamlessly gives both administrators and visitors all the functionality they need.

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