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Every year businesses and public organizations are becoming increasingly reliant upon the data they create and store. During this time, the ability to quickly identify, classify and retrieve all of this information becomes more challenging. PCIS’ solutions are engineered to rapidly categorize and search capabilities of organizational data by harnessing the linguistic analysis within Thomson Reuters APIs while adapting to the changing needs and structure of the groups interacting with the tools.

Enterprise-ready applications, middleware or consultation on Data Modelling for organizational search and classification are all available solutions provided through PCIS. For more information on customized solutions for your business, organization or media enterprise contact us.


PCIS / Thomson Reuters Public Projects

Laiser Tag (

Laiser Tag is a free automated tagging plugin that uses the Open Calais API to automatically generate tags for created content within a WordPress Site. Laiser Tag was developed as a supporting extension of an upcoming SaaS content curation and automation project. WordPress administrators install the plugin, and obtain an Open Calais API key which is used to send tag requests that are used in populating tags automatically on all specified WordPress content.


  • Fully automatic tag generation for WordPress content, ideal for sites with large amounts of information and publishing activity.
  • Open Calais API integration Selectable top-level categories within WordPress
  • Customizable relevance setting
  • Automatic batch processing and edited content re-tagging
  • Manual batch process initiation

Recommended for sites with large content syndication input/output, or larger user bases with many contributions. Also effective for sites where minimal ‘hands-on’ managment of content and information is needed and where significant existing content needs to be organized.

Laiser Tag Plus (

Laiser Tag Plus is a free WordPress plugin that fetches semantic data (people, places, events, etc.) relevant to your content post that you can use as tags to better categorize, sort and identify it. Laiser Tag Plus will also use these tags to search Flickr for appropriately licensed images for you to use in your blog posts. Laiser Tag Plus also provides support for the Open Calais Company PermID tags. These tags are denoted by an orange stripe, or can be filtered via the dropdown menu in the tag suggestion box. Company tags found within the content of a post will automatically link to their PermID page which includes the company information.


  • Content authoring tag and image suggestions while editing
  • Royalty-free image selections automatically integrated into content posts
  • Custom tag additions
  • Access to Thomson Reuters smart-tagging features

Recommended for sites where user contributions, authoring and organization are necessary at time of creation. Excellent for bloggers, article writers or those creating content for further syndication beyond originating post.

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