You can do better McKinsey

Dear McKinsey, you can do better than this.02 When I saw the article from McKinsey ‘Straight Talk About Big Data’, I got excited. McKinsey produces quality content and it positions itself as a thought leader. Not this time. This article is full of truisms, clichés and at worst competing or not fully baked ideas. Let’s begin from the end. ‘ … Science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke once said that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” We haven’t…

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The Big Question About Big Data

Predicting the future isn’t quite a mug’s game anymore. It was once the province of futurists who talked like evangelists and fortune-tellers who paradoxically could never seem to leverage their predictive abilities with a lottery ticket at their local convenience store. Today, lots of folks are into the prediction racket these days – “predictive analysis”, anyway, with an eerie degree of accuracy. It’s all thanks to Big Data – that ambiguous little term every vendor is using to sell their…

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