DropBox goes to the office

DrobBox the cloud-based hard drive service with unlimited storage (for a price) offering convenient synchronization between all your devices. You get started with few free gigabytes to get you going and few extra gigabytes when you sign up a friend. It has quickly become the nightmare of IT departments around the world. The zero-barriers entry, ease of use, and ease of sharing files with colleagues, customers and friends makes DropBox the new Trojan horse of IT. Once again, IT managers…

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CIO In A Box. Get tech help when you need it.

Back when the company was just starting out, Barb asked George to order the hardware from Dell. He ordered a version of the hardware he used at home, with a few changes suggested by a sales guy he doesn’t even remember. The hardware arrives. Naturally, George gets the job of setting up the computers for their team. The company grows and more computers show up. George does his thing, installing Office, your business apps and making sure there’s virus protection…

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