Exchange – High Memory Utilization

Back pressure is a system resource monitoring feature of the Microsoft Exchange Transport service that exists on Microsoft Exchange 2013 Mailbox servers and Edge Transport servers. What this means is that the Exchange server monitors key resources, such as hard drive space and memory, and under pressure, can take action to prevent service unavailability. While this can prevent system resources from being completely exhausted, back pressure can cause service degradation. The Exchange server tries to process existing messages before accepting…

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Troubleshoot errors: Exchange – Mailbox has Exceeded Maximum Mailbox Size

ERROR – The mailbox for has exceeded the maximum mailbox size. This mailbox cannot send or receive messages. Incoming messages to this mailbox are returned to sender. The mailbox owner should be notified about the condition of the mailbox as soon as possible. Most organizations implement mailbox quotas on their Exchange. While this policy is good for managing disk space and enforce users to clean up their mailboxes, this also poses a challenge for individual users when they exceed their quota.…

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