Security breach into PharmaNet.

Welcome to this week’s Technology Updates, a vibrant mix of hot topics and future trends. The future is – still – here, unfortunately Last Friday, CTV reported yet another security breach –> This time, the stolen information resides in PharmaNet. To provide context for the story, here is a description of PharmaNet provided by Medinet, the Integrated Electronic Health Solutions entity responsible for managing the system. Out-patient prescriptions filled in British Columbia are entered into PharmaNet, the province-wide pharmacy…

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Bleeding Heart – The Pine Beetle edition, explained.

By this time you read this, you will already heard about the latest security outbreak called ‘Bleeding Heart’. Don’t worry, we are not going to discuss the vulnerability in the OpenSSL code as that has been well covered in the media already. Rather, we’d like to draw your attention to commonalities between this outbreak, and… the Pine Beetle. As our world is slowly coming to terms with (and proven many times, even in the past few months), it is impossible…

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