50 Shades of Samsung – Privacy, Security or Convenience?

Samsung has been very naughty. And not the 50 shades of Grey kind. Over the last weekend we discovered that Samsung has been playing “peeping Tom” in our homes. Through privacy disclosure, Samsung revealed that its TV sets might listen to our conversations and even share them with third parties ( All the pundits and defenders of privacy are now racing to find the right adjectives to properly scold Samsung and demand higher levels transparency from the company. The Samsung…

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How to harvest 1.2 billion usernames and passwords

Welcome to this week’s Technology Updates, a vibrant mix of hot topics and future trends. The future is here. Last week it was revealed that Russian hackers harvested 1.2 billion usernames and passwords from numerous websites. You should get really upset. People are continuously lectured by security experts on how to create a secure password with upper case, lower case letters, special characters and numbers. Yet, the lack of security of these websites is outrages. The simplicity of the attack…

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