About Us

Trusted advisors.

Leaders, innovators, and influencers of technology.

We’re a team of strategic IT consulting experts. Our countless, long-term relationships prove our capabilities and exceptional service. Over the last 20 years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients, from private firms such as Bayer, Telus, and A&W to public sector organizations that include all levels of government and school districts.

Our goal is simple: help businesses stay ahead of the curve through technology. Contact us today and see how we can do the same for you!

Vaclav Vincalek
Chief Executive Officer / President

Like every great visionary, entrepreneur, and leader, Vaclav has the ability to command authority and grab your attention. His larger-than-life personality, wit, and hearty laugh are hard to forget.

Vaclav founded PCIS in 1995, also establishing a number of other successful ventures along the way. Earning a reputation from his peers and the public as major technology influencer in the community, Vaclav’s a frequent media source and often invited to speak, write, and present on his views. His primary focus is the integration of technology into business, specializing in vision and strategic planning, technology trends analysis, and business transformation. Vaclav also belongs to Vancouver’s foremost technology organizations, including ACETECH and BCTIA.

Susan Chao

The smoothness of our operations are in large part due to Susan’s watchful eye and the many years of experience accumulated at PCIS. One of our longest serving employees (second only to our President), she directs the company’s accounting functions, including establishing and maintaining PCIS’ accounting principles, practices, and procedures. Susan’s also responsible for the overall financial health of the company and reviews all PCIS business objectives from a financial perspective.

Whether it’s processing invoices, preparing the company ledger, or remembering everyone’s birthday, Susan’s thoroughness and precision are essential to our success.


PCIS is a team of strategic business and IT consulting experts. We’re trusted technology advisers who’ve established long-term relationships built on trust, dependability, and know-how.