I use Slack to help manage projects. It’s pretty useful. Apparently, others think so, too. After its listing on the New York Stock Exchange, the company was worth $23 billion.

But something about Slack’s rise had me thinking about how much further it could go — and if it’s not careful, how far it has to fall. Here’s an introduction to my commentary about workplace collaboration in Forbes.

About five minutes after their triumph, it would be funny at best, or arrogant at worst, for me to write communication platforms like Slack an open letter offering advice — so I’ll go with “funny.” Consider this friendly advice from a Slack user who is also a tech CEO with decades of experience implementing communication and collaboration solutions. To survive, I believe platforms like Slack have to overcome one major hurdle and one threat. They have to replace email and fight off companies like Microsoft. I don’t know which one will be harder. 

Do you use Slack? What do you use to manage projects and communicate with your team? Check out my full article and let me know what you think about the future of workplace collaboration!

Vaclav Vincalek is the Founder of PCIS and a Forbes Technology Council Member.