IT Security Assessment

PCIS is the trusted security advisor to brand-name enterprise firms and growing startups.

You need an IT security assessment to not just manage risk, but carry out business operations without worrying about getting hacked.

Losing control of your data (or your customer’s data) can damage your brand and ultimately kill your business. Enterprise companies that manage mountains of data are particularly at risk of a breach.

How PCIS does IT security assessments

We use proven processes to manage cyber security risk to your enterprise.

We don’t just help you understand your vulnerabilities to our online systems and internal IT infrastructure. We help you be proactive about protecting your business.

IT security assessments are a multi-stage process. Let’s break this down for you.

Step 1. IT security assessment discovery

We use focus groups, interviews and more to develop a clear understanding of your organization’s people, process and technologies.

Step 2. IT security plan development

We provide this to guide development of security infrastructure, processes and systems. We’ll help you understand regulatory requirements and how to meet them.

Step 3. IT security engagement

Depending on the state of your enterprise, the IT security engagement stage may include:

  • Scanning for vulnerabilities. We use best-in-class security software and manual tests.
  • Team training on security. We speak to your team and provide visual demonstrations and documentation about your vulnerabilities and how to fix them.
  • Monitoring. We make sure your company is carrying out security policies.
  • Security policies. We review your organizational policies and technical documentation. We advise on how to bring them into line with your cyber security needs.

Remote IT security assessments for your convenience

For most organizations, it’s not necessary for our team to physically attend your offices. We can do IT security assessments remotely. This minimizes the need for on-site scheduling and demands on their internal resources.

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