Application Development

Custom apps that help you grow your business

You need a customized app for iOs or Android. But your tech team (assuming you even have one) is already overstretched. They’re too busy running your operations. That, or they just doesn’t have the expertise to build a custom app. Well, that’s where we can help.

Need a solution built from scratch? A refresh of your legacy systems? Something in between?

No problem. PCIS can develop your customized application. PCIS has literally built custom apps for iOs and Android for as long as apps have existed (and even before that, if you’re thinking back to the days of software before smart mobile devices).

How we develop custom apps for your enterprise

We have a proven process that makes things easier for you. Let us do the heavy lifting. Here’s how we do it.

Step 1. Custom app development strategy (AKA “Let’s think about what you need”)

  • An assessment of your needs including the scope of the work
  • A recommendation on optimizing application development. We analyze your application portfolio and life cycle activity
  • Expert advice and guidance on implementation

Step 2. App development

  • Interactive application development process
    Knowledge transfer to help IT staff manage and operate the application
  • Application deployment and rollout

Step 3. Custom app user training

We planned it with you. We built it for you. And now that the technology is in your hands, you have to get your people to actually use it. We help you hit the ground running, so your investment in technology is well spent.

Learn more about how we can help you with your customized application needs. Contact PCIS

PCIS is a team of strategic business and IT consulting experts. We’re trusted technology advisers who’ve established long-term relationships built on trust, dependability, and know-how.