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Google is Breaking Bad

The European Union (EU) decided the time has come to break up Google – Why? Because Google has more than 90% of market share in Europe and the EU does not like the fact that the internet giant is trying to offer the best user experience and capture the majority of the advertising euros. To the EU, Google is for lack of a better word, a monopoly. Let’s consider for a moment the possibility that Google would be broken…

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Security breach into PharmaNet.

Welcome to this week’s Technology Updates, a vibrant mix of hot topics and future trends. The future is – still – here, unfortunately Last Friday, CTV reported yet another security breach –> This time, the stolen information resides in PharmaNet. To provide context for the story, here is a description of PharmaNet provided by Medinet, the Integrated Electronic Health Solutions entity responsible for managing the system. Out-patient prescriptions filled in British Columbia are entered into PharmaNet, the province-wide pharmacy…

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