Amazon, the global warehouse for universe of goods, is promised us next-day delivery – hey wait, that’s yesteryear’s news. Although many current online retailers still struggle with this, with Amazon that chestnut of a promise is from so many years ago now. Not to be discouraged, Amazon has upped the ante several times. First, the internet giant started with same day delivery – and just how did they do that? Amazon created distribution centres where the highest volumes of purchases are and thanks to their Big Data analytics, the company was able to predict the most desired items to stock in each of those centres. Next came their ‘before you buy delivery’, in which items are sent to you before you even buy it. Crazy!! And kind of creepy.

But wait. There’s more. All of that still was not good enough for Amazon. The company then started building an army of drones ( dispatching them to the skies with your package of treasures. Soon, you will open your window while a gently hovering machine gracefully lands on your carpet with the desired items. Heck, maybe the drone will take your recycling out to the curb on the way out. The more you buy, the more you’ll be able to recycle.

So what’s next for Amazon?

Amazon recently filed a patent application for on-site 3D printing – Delivery trucks with 3D printers will soon arrive and start producing purchased goods on the fly. Obviously, this is not going to work for everything. However, items which are hard to find, difficult to stock in small quantities or requires immediate delivery will match up well. Spare parts delivery for instance has been demonstrated by sending blueprints to the International Space Station, where the crew was able quickly make a wrench. (

Many ideas, which were pure fantasy few years ago, are becoming reality so quickly that we can truly say that we are living in a real-life SciFi story. Flying cars can’t be far off, can they?

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