The State of Technology in Canadian School Districts

In May, PCIS conducted a market survey to gather insight on the state of technology at school districts across Canada. IT Managers and Directors from over 300 school districts were invited to complete a survey. The results revealed some common issues that resonated throughout the country while some highlighted challenges unique to their particular district. Because education is regulated and governed at the provincial level, it was not surprising to learn that districts that operated within the same province shared…

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Top 5 Reasons Why School District IT Strategy Plans Fail

So you think you have a good IT plan. You’re in year two of a five year plan but budget cuts hamper your ability to complete the rest of the plan. Declining enrollment is expected for the next few years so budgets will shrink which means fewer resources to execute your plan. You throw your hands in the air and wonder why you spent so much time planning when you have very little ability to influence the outcome. In a…

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To be or not to be in the Cloud: Migration Solutions

There’s been much talk about the cloud as the best solution for meeting today’s changing needs of technology in school districts. Though most IT Directors are advocates of moving to the cloud not everyone’s heads are in the clouds. For many, moving away from on-premise storage and access is a bit unsettling. Data security and privacy is high on the list of concerns for schools especially for Canadian schools who feel uncomfortable with their data hosted across the border. Their…

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